Paul Andreola

Watchlist Pick Acceleware Up 1333% in a Single Day

Back in February, we did something we had never done before with Smallcap Discoveries. We released a Top 10 list of stocks on our watch list. These were companies we still had work to do on – but we wanted to invite subscribers to research alongside us. Many smart minds are almost always better than […]

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Midasletter interview with Paul Andreola

Small Cap Discoveries Editor Paul Andreola joins “The Ten Baggers” to discuss how his team is able to identify winners before they make their biggest moves.
You can read the full article at
James West: Paul, thanks for joining us today.
Paul Andreola: Thanks, James. Happy to be here.
James West: So Paul, you produce a newsletter called […]

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Paul Andreola Talks About Smallcap Stocks on BNN

Small cap stocks can offer big potential returns but often with heightened risk.And to cut down the potential dangers our next guest says he screens all Canadian listed small caps manually reviewing their quarterly and annual financial statements.Joining us now is Paul Andreola; he’s the Editor of a newsletter called, Small Cap Discoveries. Paul thanks […]

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The Five Blogs Every Investor Needs to be Reading

Close that Bloomberg tab, cancel your subscription to Barron’s, and don’t you dare even think about turning on “Mad Money.” These media outlets are like drugs: they provide a rush but ultimately leave us no better off than we were before. Actually, there is a good chance these financial vices are making you worse off. Consume enough […]

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