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Past Winners

We keep it simple and stay laser-focused on two things:

1) Revenue and earnings growth
2) Positive cash flows

Here are just a few of the winners this strategy produced for us recently:

Biosyent (RX.V)

rxv return
cov chart

• Biosyent licenses and markets specialty pharmaceutical products in Canada

• They stick to proven, approved drugs and risk no money trying to create their own.

• We first got into Biosyent at $1.20 in May 2013 after we became convinced the CEO was top-notch and could grow the business 50+% per year.

• The company delivered quarter after quarter and became a “must own” for small-cap funds in Canada.

• The stock has risen over 500% from our original purchase and the business shows no signs of slowing down

Biosyent’s chart really is a thing of beauty.

Covalon Technolgies (COV.V)

cov return
cov chart

• Covalon makes anti-bacterial wound care products, such as films for the skin and IV coatings

• The company’s products provide a comfortable covering for the patient and help prevent infections while they receive care.

• We thought Covalon might be toast in August 2013 with the stock at $.14 and the company running out of cash – until they delivered a blow-out quarter of $0.03 per share in earnings and we saw insiders buy a big chunk of the stock.

• We began buying at $.15 and just two months later, Covalon announced a major licensing deal with Molnycke, the $3B leader in the wound care space.

• COV’s growth has been impressive until hitting a snag these last few quarters -- the stock is down, but still up over 500% from our original purchase price.

Who We Are

Paul Andreola

A former broker and serial entrepreneur, Paul has been profiting in the smallcap space for over two decades. His relentless focus on growing, profitable smallcaps has uncovered some of Canada’s biggest winners in the last few years. Paul started Smallcap Discoveries to share his ideas and help retail investors reach their investing potential.

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Brandon Mackie

Brandon is a prolific writer and investor. He’s been covering and profiting in the smallcap space since 2012. Paul and Brandon teamed up to bring the world the best original research, on-the-ground due diligence, and educational content in the smallcap space.

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