Announcing the Toronto Canadian Microcap Conference

What: Microcap Conference

Where: Toronto Hilton April 11th-12th

FREE happy hour on the 11th

Dinner on the 11th

Hotel room discount is here.

Sign up link is here.
Last November, two good friends of ours, Nate Tobik of the Oddballstocks blog, and Fred Rockwell of the Bulldog Investor Podcast organized a microcap company conference in Philadelphia.

It was a small show, with the idea of keeping it high quality—for both companies presenting and attendees.

The conference was a big success and we saw a few SCD-favorites present to a US audience for the first time. A theme at that conference were the Canadian markets and how the fall off in Oil & Gas was creating opportunities in the non-resource market.

So Fred and Nate had an idea. They said let’s get 40 Canadian non-resource companies, a few hundred smallcap investors from the US and Canada, and do a conference in Toronto. We were thrilled.

We are pleased to announce today our involvement in The Microcap Conference, taking place in Toronto April 11-12th. The conference will be unique for Canadian conferences — there will be no resource companies there. (Sorry Keith).

They have assembled an amazing two days of speakers—including us. So please come meet us!

We’ve long believed this part of the Canadian market holds some of the best investment opportunities anywhere in the world. It’s good to finally have company (but we don’t want too much company…).

Our talk will be entitled “The Discovery Process.” We will dive into the process that guides everything we do here at Smallcap Discoveries and discuss how we found some of our biggest winners. We don’t want to give too much away… come see for yourself!

Nate and Fred have generously offered FREE ADMISSION for all Smallcap Discoveries subscribers. You also get a special rate at the Toronto Hilton and 50% off the $50 dinner fee on the first evening–Monday April 11. To register, use this SCD-exclusive sign up link to ensure you get the discount

Here are the key details:

What: Microcap Conference
Where: Toronto Hilton April 11th-12th
FREE happy hour on the 11th
Dinner on the 11th (cost is $50, but 50% off for SCD subscribers)
Hotel room discount is here.

Expect to see a few SCD favorites there, and a few new ones from the watch list.

We’ll make sure you get to see these companies present and have 1-on-1 time with management. These events are the best ways we know to network with other investors and find profitable ideas we know. You won’t want to miss this.

Here is the link one more time

And here is the list of speakers that will be at the conference:

Steven Foerster – Ivey Business School – Discussing Canadian Micro-Cap Stock out-performance
Paul Andreola & Brandon Mackie – SmallCap Discoveries – The Discovery Process
Chris DeMuth & Andrew Walker – Rangeley Capital / Sifting The World: Event Driven Value Investing
Sean Peasgood – Sophic Capital – Emerging Technology
Benj Gallander – Contra The Heard – Market dynamics
Maj Soueidan – GeoInvesting – Small-cap growth at a reasonable price
David Waters – Alluvial Capital / OTC Adventures – Deep Value
Nate Tobik – Oddball Stocks / Complete Bank Data – Small bank investing

Hope to see you all out there in April!

– Paul & Brandon