Welcome to Smallcap Discoveries


Paul Andreola here. Welcome to Smallcap Discoveries! I’m very excited to be partnering with Brandon Mackie and my long-time friend, Keith Schaefer, to bring you this newsletter.

We’ll bring you only our best ideas – the ones that we think have immediate upside potential.

We do exhaustive research and know our stock’s better than anyone – all so we can provide key insights for investing success. And you’ll get buy and sell alerts you will know what we’re doing.

Our focus is finding North America’s best emerging growth stocks. We are after potential multi-baggers – stocks that can increase 2, 3, or even 10 times in a few years time. There are many places to look for these stocks, but we think the Canadian market is among the best.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and its Venture subsidiary (TSXv) and even the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) are a treasure hunter’s dream. It’s an inefficient market, as many Canadian investors focus exclusively on resource stocks. And most US-based growth investors don’t study the Canadian market. The result is a whole universe of neglected small-cap stocks.

You can look through our case studies and see we have a great track record. Our success has everything to with our process. We write a lot about it. You’ll get many notes from us on our process – how source ideas, how we research companies, how we interview management.

Next week, we’ll send you our latest piece – “Reverse Engineering the Perfect Stock.” This will walk you through all the qualities we look for in our research.

We invite you to head to our Member’s Centre and read our reports on our three best ideas. You will see the criteria we use for selecting stocks – profitable, high growth, with big catalysts on the horizon. These stock have been our favorites for some time – and we are still buying them today.

Also, please sign up for our forum. Access is included with your subscription. The quality of posts by like-minded investors is very high. Many of our subscribers do their own research and share it with everyone. It’s an active, savvy, and hard-working community. We’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. Click here to request access. Approval usually takes less than a day.

We hope you enjoy Smallcap Discoveries.


Paul and Brandon