Hi, my name is Paul Andreola. I’ve spent the last 30 years investing in the Canadian smallcap space. Now I’ve teamed up with a fellow passionate investor – Brandon Mackie – to share my top investment ideas with you in this newsletter.

Our mission is simple: to discover North America’s best emerging smallcap growth stocks.

We aim to find multi-baggers – stocks that can increase 2,3, or even 10X in a few years time. Over the years, I have been fortunate to find a good number of these. I even found a couple – Bowflex (NYSE: NLS) and Medifast (NYSE: MED) – that went up over 100X!

As you search through our site, you will see we have a great track record. That’s because at Smallcap Discoveries, we have a process – and we stick to it. We don’t invest in mining or oil & gas stocks. Or banks. We look for smallcaps with the “secret sauce” – rapid growth, compelling valuations, and quality management teams.

We eat our own cooking. We are long every top idea we share with our subscribers. When we make money, our subscribers make money. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

But understand, these stocks are illiquid, which means they often trade very small volumes for long periods of time. It really is NOT for everyone. But our experience is that it’s very lucrative.

I make ALL my money from my investments; and Brandon earns the vast majority of his income from the stock market. That’s why we are so committed to what we do. It works.

And now, we’re putting it all together for you – our top ideas, our past picks, and our stock-picking process. Join us and you can see how we do it.

$249 US per quarter with a one-time 30-day refund period.

You are free to cancel at any time.

So join us and discover North America’s best growth stocks – before everyone else does. We’ll keep it simple for you. You will get only our best ideas – and ones you can act on right away.

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Paul and Brandon