Industry Disruptor

A Renovation Industry Disruptor

Digital technology has disrupted nearly every industry on the planet in a BIG way.

Uber disrupted taxis and made investors $71 billion…

Tesla disrupted car makers and made investors $51 billion…

AirBnB disrupted hotels and made investors $31 billion…

Startups like these have made investors stinkin’ rich in almost every industry.

Except for one. And that opportunity dwarfs all these combined…

It’s the $5 trillion home construction and remodeling industry.

It’s our economy’s most important market. You’d think this would be the first industry to get disrupted. Yet its stuck in the stone age…

Contractors drive miles and miles visiting homes in person. They carry with them only pen and paper.

Technology will change this. It’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Imagine this: you take a picture of your home. You get a 3D model seconds later.

You pick your windows. Your siding. Your roofing. You design your dream home.

You send it instantly to contractors forFF bid. And your dream becomes reality.

This is game-changing technology. And investors who identify it before the crowds are going to make a lot of money.

Well we’ve found the technology. It’s a small company, completely unknown by investors.

But their technology has caught the attention of a $20 billion industry giant. Once they plug in our company’s technology… revenues and earnings will increase exponentially.

Time is running out though. This is a story that is already starting to play out, and the coming quarters will only bring good news for investors.

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Paul and Brandon