Microcap Bull Market?

Will Canadian Micro-Cap Stocks Rebound?
If you’re a professional money manager or an investor, markets have provided staggering opportunities to create wealth with almost all markets melting higher.
Last year in 2019, the S&P 500 was up more than 30%, and just about every investor in large caps made money. With the influx of ETFs, it’s been […]

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How to Interview a Company Executive

Today’s post is a guest article from our good friends at Espace Microcaps.

We’ve said many times before our dream situation is when we call a microcap CEO and he tells us we are the first investors to call in 6 months

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Top 10 under 10: Where are they Now?

A key part of our strategy is to keep the pipeline full of undiscovered companies that meet our criteria. In March of last year, we released a “Top 10 under 10” list to our subscribers. The idea was to find the top 10 companies under a $10 million market cap that were close to meeting […]

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Case Study: Pioneering Technology (PTE:TSX)

We wrote this case study on Pioneering Technologies for our good friends over at the Espace Microcaps Blog. Today we are telling the story of how we found it — and how it became our second biggest winner ever. Enjoy.
Smallcap Discoveries launched in November 2014 with one mission: to discover Canada’s best emerging growth companies. […]

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Part III: The Metrics You Need to Know to Profit in SaaS

Welcome back to the Smallcap Discoveries / Espace Microcaps joint 3-part series on Investing in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space.
In Part I, we started high-level. We learned what SaaS was and the benefits of the model. We looked at why the market is paying big multiples for these companies.
In Part II of our series, we focused […]

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Why Share Structure Tells You More About A Company Than You Realize

Here’s some smallcap statistics we shared with some fellow investors on Twitter:

The second stat is eye-popping. Over 60%! There’s a pretty strong correlation here. Subscribers of SCD will know profitability is almost always a requirement for us. It’s one of only two criteria we won’t compromise on.
The biggest winners we have seen have all been […]

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Why It’s The 2009 Bull Market All Over Again

Corporate profits for US companies—especially small caps—could be set to soar 20% in the first half of 2015.
That’s what happens when the CPI—the Consumer Price Index—breaks up and away from the PPI—the Producer Price Index.
The chart below (courtesy of  Unit Economics in Boston) shows that the Consumer Price Index has only moved slightly negative (only […]

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The Five Blogs Every Investor Needs to be Reading

Close that Bloomberg tab, cancel your subscription to Barron’s, and don’t you dare even think about turning on “Mad Money.” These media outlets are like drugs: they provide a rush but ultimately leave us no better off than we were before. Actually, there is a good chance these financial vices are making you worse off. Consume enough […]

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How to Find Great Ideas with Stock Screening

There are 52,063 stocks out there in the world. Over 10,000 in the US alone. You can invest in just about any one of them. How do you decide where to start?  And how do you avoid wasting countless hours building a research list that won’t generate actionable ideas?
For many, the solution is stock screening […]

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The Dolan Company and the True Meaning of Margin of Safety

Last week, during a leisurely morning read through the Wall Street Journal, I came across this headline:
“Hmm,” I thought to myself, “that company sounds familiar.” Oh yeah, it was a 5% position in my portfolio just a few months ago! Now it and its equity are worth nothing. Zip. Zilch. Just like that, a stock […]

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