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Paul Andreola

A former broker and serial entrepreneur, Paul has been profiting in the smallcap space for over two decades. His relentless focus on growing, profitable smallcaps has uncovered some of Canada’s biggest winners in the last few years. Paul started Smallcap Discoveries to share his ideas and help retail investors reach their investing potential.

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Brandon Mackie

Brandon is a prolific writer and investor. He’s been covering and profiting in the smallcap space since 2012. Paul and Brandon teamed up to bring the world the best original research, on-the-ground due diligence, and educational content in the smallcap space.

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Latest Reports

Watchlist Pick Acceleware Up 1333% in a Single Day

Back in February, we did something we had never done before with Smallcap Discoveries. We released a Top 10 list of stocks on our watch list. These were companies we still had work to do on – but we wanted to invite subscribers to research alongside us. Many smart minds are almost always better than […]

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Announcing the Toronto Canadian Microcap Conference

What: Microcap Conference
Where: Toronto Hilton April 11th-12th
FREE happy hour on the 11th
Dinner on the 11th
Hotel room discount is here.
Sign up link is here.
Last November, two good friends of ours, Nate Tobik of the Oddballstocks blog, and Fred Rockwell of the Bulldog Investor Podcast organized a microcap company conference in Philadelphia.
It was a small show, with […]

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Midasletter interview with Paul Andreola

Small Cap Discoveries Editor Paul Andreola joins “The Ten Baggers” to discuss how his team is able to identify winners before they make their biggest moves.
You can read the full article at http://bit.ly/Paul-talks-stocks
James West: Paul, thanks for joining us today.
Paul Andreola: Thanks, James. Happy to be here.
James West: So Paul, you produce a newsletter called […]

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