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Professional fund managers have the luxury of studying stocks fifty hours a week. They also have access to every available piece of research on a given company. As a retail investor competing against these guys would be madness.

The good news is that you don’t have to. You can go where the professionals can’t.

Retail investors have one great advantage over the pros. That advantage is size, or lack thereof. Professional fund managers are responsible for investing tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. The pros simply have to invest too much money in a single position to make looking at micro-cap stocks worth their while.

That is too bad for them but wonderful for the rest of us. It is in the micro-cap world where the really explosive growth opportunities are. And because the pros aren’t scouring this market micro-cap stocks are often priced very inefficiently and tremendous opportunities arise.

We have just introduced to our subscribers a company that has launched a revolutionary new product into a market that is desperate for a solution. How big is the growth opportunity here? Only 2% of the available market for this product has been tapped to date.

Think about what that means.

Taking that market penetration rate up to only 4% would double the market. An increase in market penetration to only 8% would more than quadruple revenues that are generated. Better yet, because there is a significant fixed cost element to this business if revenues were to quadruple, cash flows and earnings would move up much faster.

What is also interesting is that this is a market where similar but non-competing products typically have a 50% market penetration. The upside here is huge.

The low current market penetration rate of only 2% is due to the fact that historically similar products offered by competitors of this company left much to be desired. While there was a demand and need for this product, consumers basically gave up on it because of the poor quality predecessor versions of it.

That is where our latest subscriber pick has differentiated itself. It has introduced a revolutionary product that addresses the problems that end consumers had historically experienced. Early adopters have tried the product and they love it.

The proof of this is in the results that this company has been having.

In the fourth quarter of 2011 the company had sales of only $1.7 million. In its most recent quarter sales had soared to $8.4 million. That is a 500% increase in sales in less than three years. More impressive is that the company has now experienced 6 consecutive quarters of 50% revenue growth and 8 straight quarters of 60% plus earnings growth.

This company is rapidly growing the top and bottom line. This is a revenue and earnings growth story.

The incredible rate of sales growth to date has been driven by word of mouth from satisfied early adopting customers. Now, the company is about to roll out an aggressive marketing campaign that is set to see growth rates actually accelerate.

That is why now, before this aggressive marketing campaign is launched is the perfect time to get access to this free report. This company has a solution to a problem that has been plaguing consumers. The company is on the cusp of sustained explosive growth.

Management of this growth company is fully aligned with investors. Insiders own over 50% of the outstanding stock and they guard that stock count obsessively. This company has not issued a single stock option or warrant since current management arrived five years ago. That tells you how much management believes in the future of its revolutionary new product.

In our brand-new report –you’ll learn the name of this debt free, high growth company, its ticker, as well as our full research findings – its background, its management and operations, the financials, and our current valuation. Keep in mind, we can only make this report available for a short time before we take it off the Web, and reserve it for our paid-up subscribers.

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