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What if You Could Live to 200?

Discover the Biggest Healthcare Breakthrough in the Last 100 years
and the Stock to Play it

Every 50 years a Big Idea takes the world by storm.

These Big Ideas change the course of humanity — for the better.

We’re talking things like Television and the Internet.

Television spread ideas. The internet connected the world.

TV made billionaires like John Malone. The internet made many more.

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. $482 billion.

Bill Gates at Microsoft. $731 billion.

Steve Jobs at Apple. $841 billion.

The big money in Internet has already been made. It’s time for the next Big Idea.

It’s upon us. Think TV and the Internet changed people’s lives?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

This Big Idea has the promise of curing virtually every disease known to humanity.

Cancer. Diabetes. Alzheimer’s.

All could be a thing of the past.

We may see the first person live to be 200. That person is likely walking among us right now.

You’ll get a longer life.

More time with your family.

More time to travel the world.

What’s better—is that you will be in much better health than you thought possible.

Big Pharma sees this coming. They’re all-in.

They’re putting billions behind this Big Idea — and any company that helps make it a reality.

I’m about to tell you all about a company at the crosshairs of this Big Idea.

Big Pharma NEEDS this company to cure cancer.

They have the best technology.

They have the best scientists.

And now they’re on every Big Pharma CEO’s speed dial.

We’re making this exclusive report available to a select group of people today—our subscribers.

We are opening up our service to new subscribers—like YOU—so you can discover this stock before the institutional crowd does.

You see, that’s what we do—it’s ALL we do—our mission is scouring the smallcap world to find stories just before or during their big revenue jumps.

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The Most Important Industry in the World

The race to cure cancer is on.

Big Pharma is putting billions towards it.

And their only hope is a Big Idea called Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy means programming your immune system to fight disease.

You do this with antibodies; the same way you fight off a cold.

You may soon be able to fight off Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis — anything.

This would change our world in ways we cannot even imagine.

Get your immune system to recognize a disease.

And you can fight — no, beat — any disease.

It’s limited only by our imagination.

Living 100 years will no longer be special.

It could be the new standard.

And not just live longer — you’ll live better.

Free of disease, you’ll be healthier. Happier. Stronger.

You’ll have many more years with your kids and families.

Many more years to travel the world.

Imagine living to see your grandchildren have kids. And your great-grandchildren have kids.

Think of the birthdays and Christmas dinners you’ll could have with your family.

Imagine doing all the things you love. Golfing. Hiking. Skiing. Well past your 100th birthday.

Imagine walking the Great Wall of China. Taking a Safari in Africa. Seeing the Pyramids of Egypt.

The 7 Great Wonders of the World. All that could be yours to see.

All those trips you never thought you’d take. They could be yours with this Big Idea.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have.

Anything that extends that is the Biggest Idea of All.

Immunotherapy is not a fantasy idea. No moonshot.

This is happening RIGHT NOW.

Big Pharma is shelling out billions to companies in this space.

And we have found The One which will be one of the first to receive tens of millions of dollars.

You can get the report right now on this company.

“This is the most exciting thing I have seen
in my lifetime”
– Merck Executive

In 1891, Dr. William Cooley noticed something strange in cancer patients.

The ones who got sick after surgery survived cancer better.

Hmm he thought… what if the infection helped the body fight cancer?

So he did something crazy… he injected live bacteria into his patients.

And guess what? IT WORKED.

He successfully treated over 1,000 patients with bone cancer.

But then the world forgot about Dr. Cooley.

That is until 1972. When two scientists started using antibodies to treat bone cancer.

That idea also worked. It became a HOMERUN drug.

Rituximab, it was called.

It sold more than $7.1 billion last year; more than any cancer drug out there.

Big Pharma finally gets it. Over 34% of all drugs in development today are based on antibodies.

This market will become $250 billion over the next 5 years:

to $250 Billion in 5 years

There is no stopping this market. The possibilities are limitless.

The cure for cancer is out there. There’s just one catch…

You’ve got to find THE ONE antibody that cracks the code. The key to the lock.

It’s not like finding a needle in a haystack.

It’s like finding a needle in an ocean.

It’s a numbers game.

And any company that can stack the deck for Big Pharma will win BIG.

Hundreds of millions in contracts and revenue.

This may not happen over the next few years. It may happen over the next few quarters…

Our Big Idea for Big Pharma is going to be that company.


At the center of the Biggest Mega-Trend to hit Pharma in the last 100 years

Making an antibody is simple.

Infect an animal, extract the antibodies.

Our company figured out how to do this 40% faster than anyone else.

It was great. But they were only selling into “research markets.”

Things like $10 diagnostic kits. Nothing to write home about.

But then Big Pharma came to them and said, “hey, will your technology work with humanized antibodies?”

You know, the ones that will cure cancer, or Alzheimer’s.

A few months ago they tested it. It worked better than anyone could have ever predicted.

Now they can go to market says some BIG things.

Things like…

“We’ll help you find a cure for cancer 40% faster than anyone else.”

“We’ll retain 99% of the antibodies produced with our process. Other competitors will give you 1%.”

“We’ll give you an extra month or two of drug sales. That’s $2 billion in your pocket. Maybe much more.”

It’s an absolute game-changer.

But they haven’t stopped there.

They are now cornering the market.

Buying some of the best companies, with incredible technologies and amazing scientists.

So they will have an exclusive offering unmatched in the industry.

Big Pharma has listened up.

They now have exclusive access to every Big Pharma CEO in the world.

They all say “if what you’re saying is true… we will give you our ENTIRE drug development portfolio.”

All drugs in development.

We’re talking $50+ million with one stroke of the pen.

“Cost doesn’t matter. When can you start?”

Oh and by the way. This company’s last reported quarterly revenue was a paltry $1.7 million.

This business is coming. And you’d never know it looking at this company’s financials.

All investors know is the sleepy “legacy” business. One doing $15,000 projects, one-at-a-time.

Those same projects are being priced today at US$700,000. They are being sold to the largest pharma clients in the world.

That’s 47-to-1 leverage.

This impact is coming over the next few quarters.

Once it hits the financials, it will be too late. The secret will be out.

We have uncovered this company, and our subscribers will benefit greatly.

Get the symbol RIGHT NOW by subscribing to our service.


Big Pharma NEEDS this company to cure cancer

Which company will cure cancer?

Merck? Pfizer?

Doesn’t matter.

We’re going to tell you a secret.

Don’t bet on the miner in a gold rush.

Bet on the one selling the shovels.

That’s the one that gets guaranteed money from everyone.

The bigger the “rush,” the more they make. Simple.

You don’t have to gamble. You can invest. Just like Warren Buffett.

Our Big Idea for Big Pharma is selling shovels. And they’re ONLY ones selling all the tools the miners need.

The shovels. The picks. The trucks.

All the big “miners” need them. They have the technology. The best scientists.

They will get projects from all the big guys. We’re talking multi-million dollar deals.

They’ll get checks from everyone in the industry. And whoever hits it big will pay them royalties.

It’s the best of both worlds. Pure upside. Virtually no downside.

This is an investor’s dream.


The Most Valuable Market in the World

The market is figuring this all out fast.

Look at Samsung Biologics. Yes, it’s related to the massive smartphone maker.

They do about everything — including manufacturing antibodies.

They have one of the few facilities in the world that can manufacture antibodies on a commercial scale.

Shares went public 18 months ago. They’re up 341% from IPO.

Samsung Biologics is now the 3rd most valuable firm in all of Korea.

And.. it has only existed since 2011!

Shares trade at 116.2 times revenue. That’s one of the highest valuations you will ever see.

Here’s the chart:

Investors who figured this one out made fortunes.

They’re not the only ones. There’s another company just like Samsung Biologics.

It’s called Wuxi Biologics. It’s cheaper… trading only at 69.5X revenue.

Same story as Samsung. Antibody manufacturer. One of the only games in town.

Imagine making 310% on your money in just 9 months. That’s exactly what Wuxi investors did:

But here’s the thing.

The big money has already been made in these companies.

Your job is not to pile on to these stories.

It’s to find the next one.

But guess what—we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve done the research—talked to management, and the people who have funded them.

We know this company better than any other outside investor group.

Why doesn’t anyone know about it? Simple.

It’s small. Less than a $100 million marketcap.

Trades in Canada.

No analysts cover it.

No institutions own it.

There’s no one talking about it on TV.

And yet… it has return potential greater than Samsung and Wuxi. Combined.

It’s virtually undiscovered. But it won’t be for long.

One strong quarterly report. One major pharma deal.

That’s all it takes. And the secret will be out.

Don’t delay. Our report is yours TODAY.


We’ve Made Fortunes in Biotech Before

Imagine owning a stock that goes up 710% in 2 years.

Here’s the chart of Hamilton Thorne (HTL.V):

Those are the type of returns that make millionaires. That change lives.

Our subscribers know. It was the first stock we profiled for them.

Hamilton Thorne was a biotech.

But not the risky kind. Not the kind with no revenues.

Not one that relies on “hope and pray” from the FDA.

They had revenues. Growth. Cash flows.

They were playing in an industry doing good for world.

They were selling shovels to gold miners.

They were also cornering the market. Buying the best technologies out there.

But here’s the thing.

Hamilton Thorne’s end market was $14 billion.

Our current Big Pharma Big Idea is playing in a $250 billion market.

The opportunity is much, much greater.

We know of no industry that can deliver life-changing returns like biotech.

“We eat our own cooking”

Hi, my name is Paul Andreola. I’m the editor of Smallcap Discoveries.

I’ve been investing in smallcaps for over 30 years.

Finding massive winners is what I do.

And I use my “Discovery Process” to find them before anyone else.

It’s the same process I used to discover Bowflex (NTS:NYSE).

And Medifast (MED:NYSE).

Both those company delivered investors 100X returns.

To find them, you start with a massive growing market. One that’s already big, but still growing.

You then find the one small company BEST positioned to profit from these trends.

Oh.. and make sure no one else knows about it.

That’s exactly how I feel about this Big Idea for Big Pharma opportunity.

They don’t come around very often.

Maybe once every 10 years.

So when they do, you’ve got to bet. Big.

I personally have over $1 million invested in this company.

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Paul Andreola
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