How to Interview a Company Executive

Today’s post is a guest article from our good friends at Espace Microcaps.

We’ve said many times before our dream situation is when we call a microcap CEO and he tells us we are the first investors to call in 6 months

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Case Study: Pioneering Technology (PTE:TSX)

We wrote this case study on Pioneering Technologies for our good friends over at the Espace Microcaps Blog. Today we are telling the story of how we found it — and how it became our second biggest winner ever. Enjoy.
Smallcap Discoveries launched in November 2014 with one mission: to discover Canada’s best emerging growth companies. […]

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How to Profit Investing in the Software-as-a-Service Space

We are generally industry-agnostic when picking stocks at Smallcap Discoveries. We will look at anything except resource stocks.
It’s interesting to us however that one industry produces more companies in our sweet spot that just about any other. It’s the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space.
These companies have exactly what the market craves: recurring revenues, high margins, and almost […]

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Why It’s The 2009 Bull Market All Over Again

Corporate profits for US companies—especially small caps—could be set to soar 20% in the first half of 2015.
That’s what happens when the CPI—the Consumer Price Index—breaks up and away from the PPI—the Producer Price Index.
The chart below (courtesy of  Unit Economics in Boston) shows that the Consumer Price Index has only moved slightly negative (only […]

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Renoworks Software (RW.V / ROWKF)

by Paul and Brandon
Current Price: $.12 (CAD)
Shares Outstanding Basic/Diluted: 26.6M/28.2 M

Investment Highlights
 Innovator of visualization software for home remodeling industry
 30+% y/y growth with long runway for future growth
 Compelling valuation at under 2X revenues, 1 2X earnings
 Incentivized management team, 50+% insider ownership
Business Overview
Deciding to remodel a home is a big commitment. Costs often […]

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