Announcing the Toronto Canadian Microcap Conference

What: Microcap Conference
Where: Toronto Hilton April 11th-12th
FREE happy hour on the 11th
Dinner on the 11th
Hotel room discount is here.
Sign up link is here.
Last November, two good friends of ours, Nate Tobik of the Oddballstocks blog, and Fred Rockwell of the Bulldog Investor Podcast organized a microcap company conference in Philadelphia.
It was a small show, with […]

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Part III: The Metrics You Need to Know to Profit in SaaS

Welcome back to the Smallcap Discoveries / Espace Microcaps joint 3-part series on Investing in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space.
In Part I, we started high-level. We learned what SaaS was and the benefits of the model. We looked at why the market is paying big multiples for these companies.
In Part II of our series, we focused […]

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Part II: SaaS in the Smallcap Space and One Company to Watch

Welcome back to the Smallcap Discoveries / Espace Microcaps joint 3-part series on Investing in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space.In Part I we started high-level with the SasS industry. We learned what SaaS was. We looked at the benefits the model has over traditional on-premise software deployment. And we looked at why the market is paying […]

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Why Share Structure Tells You More About A Company Than You Realize

Here’s some smallcap statistics we shared with some fellow investors on Twitter:

The second stat is eye-popping. Over 60%! There’s a pretty strong correlation here. Subscribers of SCD will know profitability is almost always a requirement for us. It’s one of only two criteria we won’t compromise on.
The biggest winners we have seen have all been […]

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How to Find Great Ideas with Stock Screening

There are 52,063 stocks out there in the world. Over 10,000 in the US alone. You can invest in just about any one of them. How do you decide where to start?  And how do you avoid wasting countless hours building a research list that won’t generate actionable ideas?
For many, the solution is stock screening […]

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The Dolan Company and the True Meaning of Margin of Safety

Last week, during a leisurely morning read through the Wall Street Journal, I came across this headline:
“Hmm,” I thought to myself, “that company sounds familiar.” Oh yeah, it was a 5% position in my portfolio just a few months ago! Now it and its equity are worth nothing. Zip. Zilch. Just like that, a stock […]

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MicroCapClub Conference Recap.

This past week marked the first installment of the MicroCapClub Conference. Forget the usual soiree of money-starved companies, investment bankers, and IR reps in a posh California hotel. This conference went off in downtown Detroit and paired 14 of the best small-cap companies around with 85 focused investors. It was one heck of a time!
The […]

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What is an Economic Moat?

So what exactly is an economic moat?
While many subscribers are likely familiar with the concept of economic moats, some may find it foreign. Since the term is a key framework we use, let’s discuss it. In this post, we will provide an overview of the concept and provide some insight into how we use it […]

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